What to Know About House Rendering

House rendering is a good way of transforming the appearance of your house. This is a technique that has been carried out from a long time ago. It is also a cost-effective way of improving the insulation of your external envelope. It will instantly improve the curb appeal and add to the value of the house.

Rendering a house can be done with different materials such as using lime, cement and silicone. The reason for using a render is to protect the construction material of the house from the weather and external factors. It will provide a nice finish to the outside of the house and uplift its aesthetic sense. It also provides more of a clean look that will go well with modern architecture. If you live in a high humid area, the house render will provide an extra layer of protection for the house and you can prevent dampness from coming into the house. Dampness can be a big issue when it comes to houses as it can damage the wall structures. You need to make sure that you carry out other insulation techniques in addition to this to improve the total insulation of the building envelope. Some other things you can try are improving your wall insulation, using windows with double glazed glass, using curtains or blinds as a secondary layer of insulation. This will reduce the stress on your HVAC systems.

There is also a measure of fire resistance that is added to the home with a render. It will increase the time that fire can get into your house if there is an emergency next door. In addition to the functional benefits, you can get aesthetic benefits as well. It can be a design element that draws the eye and provides a contrast to some of the other construction materials you have used. You can also use it to create contrast with a new extension to the house. Depending on your budget, you can go for different types of renders. Cement is a very affordable option but it can be slightly expensive when it comes to the application. You will need to paint the cement render occasionally in order to maintain its appearance.

Lime is a common rendering system and has been used on buildings for many years. It is a breathable layer and is a good option for old homes. It does well with wooden walls as the lime has the ability to expand and contract with the surface it is applied on. There are polymer renders as well and they provide more flexibility when compared to a cement render. This way, you can prevent cracking of the surface. Polymer renders will usually have a base of lime, cement to increase their strength. Another flexible type of render is silicone and it is self-cleaning as well. It is good for areas with high humidity and extreme weather because it can repel water. The application time is a little longer when it comes to silicone but you can expect a long lasting finish with this. You can either spray the rendering material or use a hand trowel to apply it on the wall.


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