Understanding When to Start a Home Extension

Extending your home can be a complex process but you need to have the right professionals involved in it from the beginning. This way you will be able to avoid many mistakes and make sure that the project stays within your budget and specified timelines.

There is a high cost for home extensions so you need to spend your investment wisely. So you need to select the right home extension specialist Sydney. The most common reason that people opt for extending the house is when their requirements change and they need more space. A home extension can be a big project but you need to make sure that there is a plan in place from the beginning. Your lifestyle may have changed from the time that you moved into the house or you may have more occupants in the house that require more space. When couples move into a house, they will generally select a house that is within their budget and it will be difficult to select a spacious house that is affordable as well. When you are growing your family, you will need more bedrooms and larger common areas to accommodate them. So this is a good time to extend your home and make your life more comfortable.

When children grow up, they tend to look for more freedom and they will need their own personal space. You may have your parents and grandparents in the house as well. Sometimes, houses will need certain modifications to ensure they are safe for seniors. This will require ramps, eliminating small steps, creating larger corridors, larger rooms and bathrooms where you can use a wheelchair easily. If you are retiring and trying to make your home a safer place, there can be certain limitations on what you can do with the existing layout. An extension with a larger bedroom and bathroom can make your life a lot easier. It is generally, easier to extend linearly instead of going up. This is mainly due to foundation issues. A foundation that is built to support a single storey house will not be able to bear the weight of a second storey. You will need to reinforce the foundation with the advice of a structural engineer in this case.

Especially with the pandemic, many people were laid off. So there has been a rise of start-up businesses and young entrepreneurs. Also, companies have increasingly adopted a work from home approach. This will require some space in your house that is quiet and private so that you can concentrate on work instead of getting distracted by what is happening in the house. So you can extend your house to build a new office adjacent to it. This will help you grow your career as well. There are also extensions that are done to improve the health and lifestyle of the occupants such as the installation of a domestic gym. But fitness equipment can be quite heavy so make sure you get professional engineering advice before you decide to have a gym in an upper storey.


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