Top reasons why upper story extensions are better than lower

If the human was settled to live on the ground; travel on the ground, we wouldn’t have flown. In the same way, vertical renovations sure have superiority in the property renovation subject. But after all, you can always extent horizontally as well. So, why exactly vertical extensions are so much better? This read is all about it.

Leaves the remaining land area untouched

Here’s the fundamental rule of real estate that you should know; the more remaining land there is, the more you can demand. In fact, this rule has adhered in the field of architecture too. Because if your designing team isn’t using an optimal area of land, that is planning to build the house in the middle of the land, it’s a red flag.

If you can renovate your property without using even a single square foot of land area, it’s going to benefit you in the long run.

Doubles the floor area just like that

If you used to live alone back in a few years, maybe you’re married right now. On your path to marriage, there’s a considerable role played by the career as well.

This applies to your partner too. Hence, when you invest in second storey building extensions, you’re changing the structure of the house to suit your current needs. If you happened to have your elderly parents living with you, you can let them have the ground floor and you can move upstairs since the floor area has been doubled.

Paves the way to property-wide changes

If you were to truly renovate your property, you can always add an extra room or even combine rooms from inside. But doing this isolates the renovating area. Thus, even if you spend a considerable amount to improve the property, chances are high that you just won’t see it.

The situation is different when it comes to upper-story extensions. Once you’re doing that, the roof comes off, and that paves the way to a complete change almost within the same budget. Hence, a true remodeling can be implemented better with vertical extensions easily.

The easiest way to increase simultaneous customer occupancy

The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the global economy affected Australia unchanged. But at the same time, people have had enough of being isolated in their houses. Thus, when you’re extending your commercial property vertically, you’re more or less expanding the occupancy factor.

Not only will you be able to appear as a business place that takes COVID-19 health rules and regulations seriously, but you’ll be also able to cater to double and more amounts of customers at once.

Chances to develop your property for dual occupancy

Life is all about being efficient, and whether it was a residential property or a commercial property, you can make much more when you lease out extra space. Given the only problem is separate access, it can be sorted during the renovation itself. Conspiring all these factors, it’s evident how upper-story extensions are always better. It’s just a matter of finding the ideal building company to do it for you.


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