Storage and Recycling

Moving home or de-cluttering the house or garage can lead a lot of items being thrown out. A lot of these items can end up in the rubbish, but the probably don’t have too. Here’s a few things to consider when your getting ready to move, or just cleaning out your cluttered space.

Recycle or Sell

If you have items that are broken or don’t work, it doesn’t mean they can’t be recycled. A lot of materials that things are made of can be recycled, so before you throw it in the trash bin, have a look and consider putting it into the recycle bin instead.

You may be able to put these things on eBay, or hold a garage sale and sell off some of these items and make some cash in the process.

The same goes for packing and containers, nearly all of these are made from recyclable material, so put them into the recycle bin not the trash.

If you’re putting items into self storage, take the time to look at what you are going to keep and ask yourself if you need to hold onto it, or recycle it.

Wraps and packing

Bubble wrap can be a very useful way to protect items from damage, but it usually ends up in the trash at some point, so consider using blankets, towels or newspaper.

Boxes and containers

If you’re going to be putting items into a storage space, think about whether a plastic storage container or cardboard box is the best option to use.

A plastic container will last longer if you are going to be placing your items into a storage unit for an extended period, and most of these are made from recyclable plastic.

If you are using cardboard boxes, be sure to use ones that are made from recyclable material.