Selling your home?

Are you preparing to sell your home? Have you considered placing any un-necessary items into self storage to help you present your house with more room and space?

When you list your house online, or have an open home inspection, it is best to clear personal items and clutter, in order to help make your home more appealing to buyers. You should also consider clearing away excess furniture and un-necessary items to present a cleaner home with more space.

This is where a self storage unit can come to the rescue.

By placing some of your items into storage, you can clear your home of all the “excess stuff” and be left with a more spacious house. This will allow buyers to picture their furniture in your home and gives the impression of more room.

Here’s a few tips for creating the minimalist look:

  • Remove personal decorations
  • Clear away family photos
  • De-clutter cupboards and shelves
  • Take down any extra large artwork
  • Clean out the garage of boxes, and cluttered shelves
  • Give the whole house and yard a good clean

By clearing out all the excess items, and placing them into a storage unit while you are trying to sell your house, it will help give you the best chance to find a buyer quickly and get the best price for your property.