How Self Storage Can Help Business

Are you looking for some extra space where you can set up and manage your growing business? If you’ve out-grown your home office or garage, a self storage unit can be an ideal way to expand your business space without entering into an expensive, long term lease.

People often ask if they can run a business from a storage unit. In fact we have a number of business that already operate from Robina Storage Gold Coast.

There’s a number of advantages to running your business from a storage unit when compared to from your home. For example, if you have an online store and need to keep in stock a range of products, a self storage unit will allow you to create your very only warehouse space. This will allow for better management of inventory, and order processing.

Our staff at Robina Storage Gold Coast can also assist you with your shipping pick ups and deliveries. We have a forklift onsite, so if you need to take delivery of large items our staff can unload it for you and take it to your storage space.

Tradesmen can also benefit from using a storage unit as their business base. This will allow you to have a safe place to keep your tools and equipment, and not clutter up your garage or yard at home.

Businesses that handle a lot of paperwork can use a self storage space to keep the archive boxes secure and not have to worry about dust or water damage.

As the cost of renting a storage unit is much less than a commercial warehouse, they are an ideal option for growing businesses and trades. With a range of storage spaces to choose from, and no lock in contracts, a self storage unit can provide businesses with the perfect place to grow and expand.