How To Change Up Your Home Decor This Year

Are you just so sick of living in the same environment in your home and just crave change? Read on below and find out how a few simple changes can make you feel like you are living in a new home altogether.

Adding wall décor in your living space

Now, you may have read this or heard about this before but it does wonders, if you live in a small space we suggest a mirror or two, this would make the living space feel and look bigger. It is also chic and classy.

If you are not a fan of mirrors, try a new wall colour- yes wall colours add so much depth and essence specially in your home environment. If you are looking to change your home environment, your living room space is a must change.

Don’t underestimate the power of plants

Plants have a unique way of adding life into the home, whilst bringing colour and warmth into a space. Why not buy a small or big plant that is suitable for your taste, trust us you will not regret it.

Your plant arrangement depends on you however, adding plants onto a wall adds an extra touch! Reminder, make sure you water them frequently.

Floor candy

Now let’s talk about flooring, are you in a state where you could change up your current flooring? If you are – we totally recommend going in for a modern look depending on your budget and style preference.

Our favourites are wood and marble, the staple go-tos that promise class. If you already love your flooring, don’t want to spend too much on them or just want another choice, how about you change up your living room rug placement? You will be shocked to know that with a few change ups, you could have a totally new looking space!

Flower arrangements

Yes you read that right, adding in some colour and flowers into your home could also add up to a difference that is noticeable, if you do not like plants, this would be your best option. There is also no harm in having both, again do take care of them!


We want to shed light on this aspect as well. As much as you want to have a new and nice vibe to your crib, without organization in your home it will dim out the beauty it carries.

Try to organize your surrounding by putting things in place, once and for all! If you already have, we would recommend you try to look at the areas that need improvement and work on them too.


Now this word is always used but truly take a moment to appreciate that you are alive, well and able to change up your home, be grateful for what you already have before changing it up. It truly is a blessing when you breathe in this for yourself.

We hope you are able to have a fun time changing up your home environment!


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