Common reasons for the lowered quality of concrete

Concrete is the world’s best material to meet compression strength requirements. Combine that with the tensive strength of rebars, and you get structural components that last for perhaps centuries by design. But everything depends on the quality of the concrete.

Thus, in this read, we’re going to talk about some of the common reasons as to why the quality of the concrete would drop.

Higher amount of water content

For any concrete grade, for any mix design, there’s going to be a designated extend of free flow; this is how the workability of the concrete is evaluated. But as the free flow or the flowing of the concrete increases, their strength decreases. So, you should pay close attention to the water content that would be used.

Unideal formwork

When it comes to column concreting, the base is the most important part of the formwork. If there were any openings, the grout would leak. This leads to eithersegregation or honeycombs. Both are defects that lower the quality of the concrete. The same theory applies to slabs as well. That’s why you should pay close attention to the formwork for sure.

Excessive pokering

Pokering is done to remove the water molecules inside the concrete. But pokering is also used to spread the concrete in slabs. The vibrating poker should never be held inside a column for too long, nor it should be slanted. Becauseon both occasions, not only the intended job will not be done, but the strength of the concrete will also be affected as well.

The poor condition of the reinforcement

Covering of reinforcement is provided as protection against rusting and fire. While the problem of fire will be of least possibility, exposure to air causes rusting which results in cracks in the settled concrete. Hence, ensure that all the reinforcement has enough clear cover. That way, you don’t have to worry about the strength of the concrete once it’s settled for good.

Disregarding the curing process

There’s going to be immense heat emitting from the inside of the settled concrete. Letting it out as it causes internal cracks and that lowers the quality of the concrete. For this, you should cover the concretedstructural component with damp gunny bags usually. But we highly recommend using a curing sealer so that you won’t have to worry about it afterward.

The best solution

In considering all the ways how the quality of the concrete could drop, it’s better to have the best professionals on board, and that’s why we’re giving the best solution for the job; multipro concrete. Covering services all the way from excavation to pouring and post-settlement management, this company will take both of your residential and large-scale commercial projects in the same quality.

Final thoughts

Concreting is not a hard task. But concreting and protecting the concrete until the characteristic strength is achieved is always going to require some effort. Now you know all the reasons why the quality of concrete lowers, you can avoid them to increase the quality – it’s that simple.


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