5 Must-Have Fittings for your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom fittings there are only 2 main purposes, either aesthetics or function. The goal should be to find hardware that combines the two. This way you can have a stylish yet functional bathroom that you’ll be show-off to your guests and family.

Some bathroom fixtures like your toilet and shower heads are a must have because without that the bathroom would be just another room. To perform routine grooming tasks, you require these basic fixtures. However, there are some fixtures that are not exactly required but can offer some sort of functionality is available. They can be installed when you have the budget and time.

Below is a list of must have fittings in your new bathroom or remodelled bathroom.

Towel Bars

This is one of the first fittings you should pick up after the sink, toilet and shower head. It is a necessity in every bathroom. Most homeowners prefer stainless steel towel bars, but you don’t have to stick to plain ones because they are many colours, shapes and designs to choose from.

You stay away from the ordinary and install a circular or curved towel bar instead of the plain old straight bar. Some bars come in sets where you can hang different types of towels. For example, you can hang your body towel on the long bar and use the shorter bar for hand towels.


There isn’t such a thing as too many mirrors in a bathroom. However, every bathroom must have a standard sink mirror. This will ideally double as a medicine cabinet. Nowadays it is pretty standard to have a side wall mounter mirror. This is used for a magnified view. There are so many types of magnification mirrors that magnify up to 7 times or more. These types of mirrors are useful when it comes to shaving or when you want to take a look at that tiny zit on your face. 

Bathroom Faucets

When it comes to bathroom hardware, faucets are a must-have. Without a faucet you’ll be left with an endless flow of water.

Faucets can be used to drastically improve the aesthetics of your bathroom as well. The most common type of faucets is the stainless steel or plastic ones. However, there are more luxurious glass faucets in the market as well, they are more expensive.

Apart from the type of material, there are also different designs when it comes to faucets.

Lighting Fixtures

This is something many tend to forget when it comes to your bathroom. They just go with whatever light fitting and often don’t even consider it a bathroom accessory.

Your lighting will greatly decide the style of your bathroom so pay extra attention when selecting the type or mood of lighting. 

Robe Hook

A robe hook behind your bathroom door is quite an important must-have fixture. You can use this to hang your clothes without just throwing them around. It makes it easier to keep your clothes dry because the floor can get quite wet after a shower.

These are some of the most common must have features in every bathroom. Start with these and then later move on to the other nice to have fixtures.


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