5 Important Things to Do Before Listing a Home

Getting a home ready for buyers requires you to be smart. You’ll influence how fast you’ll be able to sell the property, as well as how interested buyers would be in it. We discussed all the best things to do below. Keep reading.

Research the Market

You’re advised to research the market before listing the home. You may list it for much less than what it’s worth. Buyers would flock, but you’d lose a lot of cash.

If you list it for more than what it’s worth, no one would come around.

You can research the market by looking at properties similar to yours in the area. Try and match their prices. If you’re working with a real estate agent, this would be easier.

Make sure you sell at the right time. There may be property development projects in the surrounding area coming up. When they’re done, the value of homes would go up. Sell yours then.

Look for Pests

There’s nothing buyers hate more than homes filled with pests. Most of the time, it’s easy to know if there are pests around. They leave very obvious clues.

Buyers inspect homes like hawks. It wouldn’t be surprising if many of them show up with inspectors. They would see the signs of the critters and turn the other way.

How Is Your Wiring?

In line with the above point, not only would the inspectors look for pests, but they’d keep an eye out for any electrical issues too. You’re advised to not be cheap when it comes to hiring someone to assess the electrical situation. Major names like electrician Manly should be considered.

Give the Home a Deep Clean

Take a look at your home. There may be clutter collected from throughout the years. Getting rid of everything you don’t need to open and brighten the space up.

Deep cleaning would let you note any parts of the home that’re stained. They could be due to dust, or you may have spilled something years ago. When cleaning the stains, be mindful of the products used. Strong chemicals can do more harm than good.

Stage the Interior

You can make the interior look much better with somestaging. You’ll rearrange furniture to bring out the inside’s best features. Some pieces you own might have to go – they don’t fit with the layout you’re planning. You can store them at a friend’s place.

You could also bring in some furniture from friends and family. They might complement your home much better than the ones you have around.

Why not take the staging a step further and hire a team to do it? They would be interior designers that would rent furniture to best match the space.

Final Thoughts

Considering all of the points discussed, it’s clear that there are many things you have to do when getting ready to sell your home. The most important would be listing it at the right amount. You could be losing cash otherwise, or turning buyers away.

Speaking of them turning away, make sure the home’s electrical work is up-to-standard, and there are no pests. Buyers would most likely inspect the property thoroughly before making a decision.

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