Storing your gear these holidays

With the holidays on the horizon, many are preparing to travel by hitting the road, sea or air for their next holiday.

Have you got items you need to store while you’re away? Are you downsizing? Or just need to offload some items for more space in the house? Robina Storage Centre on  the Gold Coast has you covered.

We’ve got storage units in 43 different sizes, starting from a small one square metre locker, all the way to a large 9 metre by 6 metre shed. We even have storage for vehicles. So you can store that boat or vehicle you’re not planning to use for a while yet.

Self Storage Tips

In preparation of storing your items these holidays, here are some useful tips to get you started. These will help keep your items in good condition and avoid any surprises.

  1. If you can’t find the original packaging, you can use cardboard boxes or plastic tubs. Use labels when you put everything away in storage. We’ve also got a range of packing options available in our store.
  2. Maximise your space by organising your items. Do this in both your storage boxes and in your actual storage space. We have a handy guide here.
  3. Label boxes to make life easier when visiting your storage shed. You’ll reduce the amount of time trying to find what you’re looking for! And remove the frustration that comes with it.
  4. Keep fragile items padded and securely packed to avoid being disappointed by breakage next time. Find a handy guide here.
  5. Don’t injure yourself lifting heavy boxes, make sure to use the correct lifting technique.
  6. Unsure of the size of the storage unit? Speak to the friendly staff and they can help you get the right sized unit for your needs.
  7. Need tips for storing your holiday decorations? Check out our tips here.

The state of the art security systems at Robina Storage means you won’t have to worry while you’re away. With an extensive camera monitoring system, including an individual alarm for your storage unit, the site is also monitored by regular mobile security patrols.

If you need self storage for the holidays, be sure to get in touch with Robina Storage and discuss your needs.