A mountain of storage containers from ancient Rome to the modern day.

Storage containers have been around for much longer than you may think. Humans have been using clay storage containers for thousands of year with hirstorians believing the main use being for food and beverage items. Thanks to learning how to mold clay in a skillful fashion, food could finally be stored to last much longer than usual with generally airtight containers being created and sealed with animal skin or paraffin wax.

Perishable goods were able to be kept for much longer periods alowing them to be moved over long distances or stored for future use.

Monte Testaccio, found in the center of Rome is not a true mountain, but is actually a scrapyard for used clay storage containers which the Romans had disposed of for hundreds of years. The fragile storage containers known as amphorae were used for the storage and transportation of wine olive oil. Due to the contents being more important and valuable than the clay container, any damage would result in it being disposed of at Monte Testaccio creating a mountain of discarded storage containers which is hundreds of feet high and covers 20,000m².