3 ways self storage can help real estate agents sell homes


Having a cluttered home is likely to detract from a buyers enthusiasm from the house they're inspecting and could lead to lower offers. Self storage can help real estate agents sell homes by showing them off in the best possible light. 1. Remove the clutter Store a client’s excess items in self storage and make the best impression! [...]

More space for winter


Summer is long gone and with the winter months ahead it's time to store the summer gear and bring out the cosy winter items. Reducing the clutter will help you feel more energised and make your house more spacious. You can store all your summer goods at Robina Storage until it starts to heat up [...]

5 tips for moving on a budget


For most Australian's, moving is a part of life and can happen multiple times during our lives whether we're renting or owning property. If you're unprepared for the move, you may find yourself paying more than you factored in. Time it right - If you move on the weekend, you won't have to take time off [...]

3 tips for storing clothes


Unfortunately storing clothes isn't as easy as throwing them in a box and expecting them to be the same as you left them upon removing from storage. Here are some tips to help keep your clothes in pristine condition. 1. Clean your clothes before storing First and foremost you'll need to wash and iron your clothes [...]

5 quick facts about self storage in Australia


Did you know how big self storage in Australia actually is? There are about 1,200 self storage facilities Australiawide This accounts for over 2 million square metres of self storage space Self storage facilities have an average of 85%-90% occupancy rates Downsizing due to rising house costs and falling land sizes is increasing demand for self storage. [...]