3 tips for downsizing


Downsizing is becoming more popular as space becomes a premium. Young people to retirees are downsizing or living in smaller spaces such as apartments. This often causes the problem of finding somewhere to store all the items in the smaller space available. 1. Decide what to keep Look through your items and decide on which are essentials. If [...]

Ways to reuse packaging waste


Disposable packaging is a problem with more and more waste being produced. In fact, waste produced in Australia nearly doubled in a 10 year period according to the ABS. Such a sharp trajectory is unsustainable, so before you throw your next packaging away, consider these used to reduce the amount of waste being created daily. Here's a compilation [...]

3 Tips for Moving Furniture


When transporting furniture you want it to arrive in safe condition, but more importantly you don't want to risk and back or knee injuries. Here are some tips for moving furniture to avoid both! 1. Protect your furniture Make sure to properly pack your furniture or provide protection where possible to avoid damage. You can provide added [...]