Getting your kitchen appliances ready for storage

Kitchen appliances and utensils are an important part of everyday life as they're used so often. We often take them for granted, until they're gone or broken! That's why it's important to prepare kitchen items properly if you're putting them in storage to avoid searching for them or the heartache of finding them broken. First [...]

3 tips for downsizing

Downsizing is becoming more popular as space becomes a premium. Young people to retirees are downsizing or living in smaller spaces such as apartments. This often causes the problem of finding somewhere to store all the items in the smaller space available. 1. Decide what to keep Look through your items and decide on which are essentials. If [...]

Main business uses for self storage

Businesses make up a large pool of the customer base at Robina Storage and you may be wondering what they use it for. Here are just some of the reasons businesses use for self storage: Archiving Event equipment Point of sale equipment Old/excess furniture Excess inventory Seasonal demand goods Online business Product samples and promotional gear Printed marketing [...]