3 ways to organise your basement or garage

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement or a garage big enough to store items in, there are multiple ways you can organise them to store more or to reduce existing clutter.

Other important reasons for keeping your basement or garage organised is to avoid damage to items or misplacing them.

1. Evaluate the state of the storage space

Ideally you start with an empty basement or garage before placing in your items, but if not, look at the layout and see if there are any potential issues which could damage your items.

As an example, look for damp areas which could cause problems for wooden items .

Group similar items in the same place to make them easier to find and consider installing shelves or cabinets to maximise the available space.

2. Sort your items

Which items should be kept and which can be donated, sold or thrown away? Sorting through your items will likely reduce the amount needing to be stored, so it’s an essential step of the storage process to reduce clutter.

3. Look for unconventional storage opportunities

Some areas you may not have considered storing your items include ceilings; by suspending lightweight objects in baskets from ceiling hooks, or using pegboards or wall storage systems to store tools or other items on walls.